September 15, 2012

Non-Attendee Packages Available for Pre-Order!!

Non-Attendee Packages Available for Pre-Order!!

Wish you could attend the reunion but just can’t make it? Well now you can get a piece of this memorable day and join your fellow fans who are attending in supporting the CHP’s 11-99 Foundation and the Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services. Order your special Non-Attendee Reunion Keepsake Package today! For $40 plus $5 for Priority shipping you’ll get:

  • A DVD of the day’s events
  • A copy of the official cast photo that will be taken that day
  • A souvenir wristband and event program (while supplies last)

The package should be available to ship before the holidays, but order now to insure you’ll get one as supplie may become limited depending on volume.

Thanks for supporting the 11-99 Foundation and Optimist!

To order:

Non-Attendee Souvenir Package $45  

We also accept checks and money orders. Make out to CHiPs Reunion and send to:

CHiPs Reunion
c/o Dayna Budde
12746 Newport Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780

Please remember to include your name and shipping address with your payment!

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  1. I’m interested in the Non-Attendee Package, but I have one question: will the DVD be viewable outside the USA? I mean, will there be versions in the PAL standard and viewable in regions other than the USA? I live in Italy and I’m not sure if my TV set and my DVD-player are multistandard.

    If the DVD is not suitable to be viewed in Italy, I’m afraid I’ll have to ‘pull over’ from my purpose ))))!!!

    Thanks a lot and All the Best! I think this Reunion is really great!

  2. The DVD will be region free and available in PAL format. :-)

  3. i live in canada, i would like to know the non attendee package, how much xtra tax is it on top of the 45 dollars? would like to purchase

  4. Thanks a lot, Sue. That’s great news! As I wrote above, I live in Naples, Italy. Can you confirm the total cost of the package will be USD 45,00 for dispatchment to Italy, too?

  5. Hi Sue, Is this available for delivery to Australia. If so please advise total cost including postage. Thank you.

  6. 40th Next Time Miss It? Had To Work?

  7. Sue, when you’ve got time, could you please reply to our questions about despatchment overseas? Could you please let us know how much the package is for overseas dispatchment (in my case, to Italy)?. Thanks a lot and sorry if I urged you a bit! :-) .

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