September 15, 2012

Rules of Conduct


We know everyone is excited about this event and can’t wait for September. However, in light of some past incidents, we’d like to remind you of a few rules.

People from all over the world will be attending. Please respect your fellow fans and enjoy the day. There will be zero tolerance for troublemakers. Leave the drama at the door or you will be escorted out.

In addition, please respect the cast members. They have very kindly and generously agreed to spend the day with us. Be polite and respect their personal space. For the autograph session if you’d like to bring items for them to sign, ┬áplease limit them to 2 items or less. This is to be considerate of their time and of the fans in line behind you. If any of the actors are made to feel uncomfortable or disrespected, you will be removed by security.

Our goal is to put on a fun and SAFE event for all! Thank you for understanding.

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