September 15, 2012

Brianne Leary Signs On!

Brianne Leary Signs On!

We’re happy to announce that schedule permitting, Brianne Leary will be attending! You may know her best as Sindy Cahill but she is also a respected journalist and businesswoman. She looks forward to catching up with her fellow cast mates!

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  1. For some time does not pass. Cheers

    • Air brushing helps…a lot!

      • You have a great sense of humour Brianne. You have aged so well though with or without airbrushing.

      • Really, you look great. Would love to see everyone together again, but my wife got us “Brian Setzer” tickets at Hollywood Bowl for that night. Wish I knew about this earlier.

        • The reunion is a daytime event, from 9am-6pm.

  2. Great news , my favorite Chips Character , looking forward to September !.

  3. This is so awesome. I have always wanted to meet Brianne. She was my favorate too.

  4. Now I wish I was going. It would be a dream come true to meet Brianne Leary, who played my favorite CHiPs character Sindy Cahill. She is great.

    • Hi Brianne, I am so enjoying your Little Light and gtteing to know you better. I followed the care pages for quite a while and I wish you only peace and recovery as the days go by. I’m just thinking of you today as I view your lovely pictures, how you relate to me just a bit. I enjoyed blue velvet wing-backed chairs in my living room for many years. Then we retired to a much smaller lake house , void of a proper living room so when we moved, we donated the chairs to the conversation room of our church. Those chairs were so fun to curl up in. And then I related to your soup story. I have been making soup for many years and find it a labor of love totally. I have several favorite soups but am curious about the recipe to your soup you made and if you’d be interested in sharing that, I would love it. My tried and true favorites are Montana State Pottage Soup (a version of vegetable soup with hamburger), Minnesota white chili (oh so yummy) and then of course THE soup that you make out of your Thanksgiving turkey, nothing like THAT in the whole world. Thank you for your little light.

  5. brianne, was such a pleasure to meet you today! You are a super cool person! :) love your sense of humor! best wishes to you and thanks to your husband Chris for tagging along!!

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